Thank you,Novasixx!

If you didn't know, me and my friend, Novasixx, decided to make a blog for charity. We called it WeLoveCharity with the motto "For you, your hopes and your dreams", in reference to some song. I forgot the title, I'm gonna ask him when he goes online =.= . Anyway, I assigned him to be the "head" of the Visual Division, for the following reasons: (1) He's a pro in those photoshop stuff and (2) He's the one responsible for MY header and background. Basically, it would be a no-brainer if I was the one to be the "Visual Head" cuz I suck bad at those stuff.

Anyway, here's the header he made for the blog.

Very nice eh? Well, I guess he didn't apply his "Simple is better" belief haha. I don't even understand that logo/drawing in the right. Haha, just kidding. It's great. I owe him a lot so let's give Novasixx a big round of applause *silence*. (and some blog follows and comments, check his blog Iz this real? . It will make him happy and he might make a better header for my blog....just kidding.) 

That's all I need to say, I guess. Thank you for reading and goodbye!

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Tl;Dr : Novasixx' awesome header. Thanks bro.



  1. I made a charitable donation last week, well worth it!

  2. I just donated to a charity the other day. Good stuff!

  3. Have already seen your second blog, good one