F**king Haircut, F**king Barber

We went through an argument whether I'd take a haircut or not. I wanted style meh hair radically and go for a semi mohawk (I only liked a semi mohawk coz I would look bad in a full mohawk). They wouldn't allow me to get one maybe coz of teh fact that we were going to meh gramma and she won't liek it.

And there was a moment of silence, for an hour.

But then my father decided to go get me some haircut. I thought he was gonna allow me to go for a semi mohawk, so I went to the barbershop with him. I told the barber to give meh some semi but then my father told 'em to make the hair layer on the sides thin. O.o. Nao I look liek crap.

I also made meh friend a header and background today. I dont know whai but -- meh. Beats me.

Click 'em for larger view.
Sometimes, simpler things are better. Off I go.

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