How I Got Into Music

Sirs and Madams,

Music has been the most influential factor in my life since nursery. Yep, you heard it right nursery. I'm pretty sure I woke up to this world listening to heavy music. At a very young age I listened to Linkin Park. I used to turn the volume all the way up when I see them in MTV.  Then time flew by, I forgot about them. I forgot about them because I lost cable. But then there's this local music channel, it made me listen to local music and some Pop-RnB shiz. I used to like them. Some Akon, Eminem, and a local band called Callalily. They're big names, everyone knows them. I LOVED them. They were my drug, and I totally forgot about the music I woke up to.

But then I met a friend. He's a fat, big guy. I met him at a school event. He introduced to me again the music that would lead to the genre that I am in now.

...some Greenday...
...and he mentioned Linkin Park.
When I knew YouTube, I got addicted to them again. Then these influences left me craving for moar heavy music.

When I went to high school, I went to two bands. The first one, was a school band. That fat guy I mentioned back there, and I, decided to form one for fun. We performed in school events. It was a bit fun. We sucked at the start but, we're improving. I started out as bass/vocal. I admit. I SUCKED AT MULTITASKING. Due to my "epic" singing (I'm sarcastic, am I? :D), it formed this negative view on us and led to the departure of our drummer. I filled that slot. It made me realize that I had skill on it. I loved that. I gave the bass slot to a friend of ours and wanted to learn more of this percussion thing. I searched for tutorial videos. I improve at this course, and until now I still am a drummer. But then, later when we went second year, we had a problem with our vocalist then he left. He reunited with our former drummer and formed another band with their classmates. And they had a fair start. We looked for a vocalist and got one. He's kewl. He fits in.

Just months after that first band was formed, somebody decided to contact me and said that they'd like to see my skill as a drummer. At first I didn't like what they were doing because I knew I would just be humiliated and I didn't want to tire myself that much on joining them. I still don't remember why I agreed on jamming with them.  That jam made me realize that they were fun people to be with, I even met a childhood friend that I forgot about a long time ago. He's the bassist. It sounds funny but fate might be leading us to sumthing big. Eh, thar. I joined them. They led me to my first gig outside the school. We came from different schools btw. And we live near each other. They make me improve every practice, because they schedule practices almost every month and they join gigs (which are occasionally cancelled due to schedule problems).

The both of them are writing songs. And everyone contribute to writing 'em. Iz kewl these people know each other. They made my life colorful and active in every way, no homo.

Here's a link to some demos I made when I got bored. LOL: